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Legal Description & Sketch

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A legal description is a written way to describe a piece of property that is recognized by law and is sufficient to locate the property without oral testimony.

Generally included with the legal description is a sketch that illustrates the written description with bearing lines and distances.

The legal description and sketch is a legal document only. A LEGAL DESCRIPTION & SKETCH IS NOT A SURVEY.

Listed below are a few reasons a client requires a legal description & sketch:

  • Describe a piece of property for sale
  • Describe a piece of property for lease
  • Describe an easement for utilities, drainage features, public access, etc.
  • Describe several adjacent pieces of properties into one overall legal description
  • To correct a deed or legal description error
  • To update to a metes and bounds description from a fractional description

Rapid Surveying will provide our clients a professional legal description that a future surveyor, real estate lawyer and or title agency can easily follow.